Sightseeing Eidfjord from Ulvik

Attend a 4 hour sightseeing tour of dramatic and beautiful Norwegian scenery.

The sightseeing tour starts by bus from the quay in Ulvik, and crosses the amazing Hardangerbrua bridge on its way to Eidfjord. From the pier in Eidfjord the bus continues to the Hardangervidda Nature Centre. At the center you'll see an exciting panoramic film by Ivo Caprino, where you can learn more about Norwegian fjords, mountains and waterfalls. You can also, through interactive stations, videos and aquariums, explore nature's interactions and relationships between nature and human activity.

From the Hardangervidda Nature Centre, the tour continues up Måbødalen where you have a wonderful view of Norways most famous waterfall; Vøringsfossen. It has a vertical drop of 145 meters and a total fall of 182 meters. In 2006, Vøringsfossen was the most visited natural attraction. Something that is not difficult to understand when we stop at a lookout point at the waterfall. The sightseeing tour starts in Ulvik (quay) at 11:15, and the tour ends in Ulvik at approx. 15:15.

Please note, we do not adjust the times of the sightseeing bus to the arrival/departures of the cruise ships visiting Ulvik or Eidfjord. PLEASE NOTE that if a date is fully booked it will not be available in the list.

Approx. 4 hours

11:15 am (Ulvik quay)

15:15 pm (Ulvik quay)

nok 450,- (adult)
nok 330,- (children under 16)
incl. ticket to Hardangervidda Nature Centre

Mondays to Saturdays from July 24th to August 19th

Sales stop webshop
20:00 (8 pm) one day prior to departure

Terms Eidfjord Sightseeing

- Book online - there is no ticket sale on board the bus. Please note that the online booking closes at 20:00 (8 pm) the day prior to departure.
- All reservations are binding. No refund if you decide not to go.  Exceptions if the tour is cancelled by the operator (Tide).
- If the tour is cancelled by the operator (Tide) and you have made your reservations online we will inform you as soon as possible.
- The Travel Document is your ticket and MUST be validated on departure. If you do not bring your Travel Document with you, you need to pay on the bus.

- Caution! Please be aware that the passenger is responsible to be in the bus at the time of departure. Out of respect for fellow passengers - AND TO BE IN TIME FOR THE FJORD CRUISE CORRESPONDANCE the bus has no opportunity to wait for passengers who are late.