Ski bus to Sirdal from Stavanger

The season is over. Welcome back in 2017-2018!

Take the snow bus to a fantastic winter experience just two hours from Stavanger. Guaranteed seats on the bus when booking online.

Route information from tel. 177

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The ski bus is a package offer where we provide both the transport and the day pass. For only NOK 600* you can go by bus to one of 4 ski resorts in Sirdal, get the day pass on the bus and we take you back at the end of the day.

If you prefer, its possible to purchase only the transport (NOK 325 return*). Choose this option in the first step of your online reservation, view explanatory image.  *Prices include web discount. Please note that there is a + NOK 50 for tickets bought on board the coach. 

One-way tickets can be purchased here.

Please be aware that online booking closes at the following times: 
19:00 pm day before departure on 08:00 am departures
14:00 pm same day as departure on 17:00 pm departures

Good reasons to take the ski bus to Sirdal
- Day pass is cheaper.
- The day pass is handed out on the bus (but must be activated at the ticket office upon arrival at the ski resort).
- Seats guaranteed if you book online.

The season 2016/2017 starts on Dec. 26th, if the ski resorts are open. Last trip is on April 17th, 2017. 
The afternoon tours (Fridays at 17:00) start Jan. 6th 2017.

Questions about the return?
Try calling tel. +47 918 66 072 (will be answered Saturdays and Sundays between 11:00 and 15:00).

Afternoon route

To Sirdal Friday
Byterminal/Stavanger 17:00
Ruten Sandnes 17:30
Ålgård E39 17:45
Hunnedalen* 18:20


To Sirdal Saturday/Sunday
Byterminal/Stavanger 08:00
Ruten terminal Sandnes 08:30
Ålgård E39 08:45
Hunnedalen* 09:30

From Sirdal Saturday/Sunday
Ådneram at 15:45
Sirdals Høyfjellshotell/Fidjeland at 16:00
Sirdal Skisenter - Ålsheia at 16:15
Sirdal Skisenter - Tjørholmfjellet at 16:25
Hunnedalen* at 16:45

Please meet 10 minutes prior to departure.

Please note:
The bus will follow scheduled departure times and will not be able to wait for passengers beyond these scheduled times. This in respect for the passengers that arrive on time and as the coach might have other tours later. We kindly ask everyone to meet well before departure. 

*If Hunnedalen is closed in the morning, the bus will not drive up there.

Extra departures in the winter- and easter holidays

Daily departures Mon. - Fri. in the winter holiday and Easter. Same time of departure as on Saturdays/Sundays.


Terms ski bus

- Seat guarantee on online reservations. If you decide to participate on the tour without a reservation we can reserve the right to deny you a seat if the bus is sold out.
- Without preebooked reservations we can not notify you if the tour is cancelled.
- All reservations are binding, and you will not receive a refund if you decide not to go.
- Youth card (Ungdomskort) is not valid on the ski bus.
- Please note that the cost is + NOK50 if you buy your ticket on bord the coach.
- The travel document is your ticket, and you NEED to take it with you on the tour. The travel document is sent to your email adress when your reservation is completed online.